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Royal Society showcase for design students

Published on 20/02/17

Design and technology students from Hethersett Academy are set to showcase their work at the Royal Society in London.

The GCSE students have been working on a project to design products that will improve the lives of people with brain injuries.

And they have been invited to demonstrate their project at the Royal Society Partnership Conference in London on Thursday, February 23.

Working alongside the UEA Research Centre and Headway, a charity that supports people with brain injuries, the students were challenged to create a special ramp to be used in boccia, a sport similar to boules that was designed for players with disabilities affecting their motor skills.

After visiting the UEA about the latest developments in technology to support people with brain injuries, the students got to work designing and making prototypes for the ramp.

The Academy received a partnership grant from the Royal Society which was spent on three new 3D printers for modelling the final products.

Ten students will attend the Partnership Conference to present the project to a panel and a group of other students and teachers, and will have the chance to meet members of the prestigious scientific society.

Kate Finlay, head of design and technology at Hethersett Academy, said: “This project immersed our students into real design and they worked in exactly the same way as a designer would.

“Without exception these students produced some magnificent work that, if developed further, would become commercially viable products. The CAD work and 3D printing work they produced were exceptional, especially the work that was produced from their own drawings.

“I am beyond proud of these students and we are all thrilled about the conference.”