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Rhymes win selection in poetry collection

Published on 11/05/18

Young poets from Charles Darwin Primary will see their verses in print after impressing judges in a nationwide poetry contest.

Poems by 14 of the school’s Year 2 pupils were selected out of 15,000 entries to the Little Riddlers competition, and will be published in a special anthology.

Run by Young Writers, the competition challenged five- to seven-year-olds to use their creativity and imaginations to come up with riddling poems.

Charles Darwin Primary will receive a free copy of the anthology so the children can see their work in print.

Pupils Maël and Luisa, who wrote riddling rhymes describing a mystery animal to the reader, explained how delighted they were to have their work published.

Luisa said: “I am so happy! I bet our teachers are really proud of us.”

“They should be proud of themselves too because they taught us everything,” added Maël. “My mum and dad will be really proud of me too, because they always teach me things.”

Charles Darwin principal Jo Brown said: “We are thrilled that our pupils’ work will be published and we’re very impressed with how hard they worked.”