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Inspiration Trust's COO - Micon Metcalfe -shares her story with Schools Week

Published on 10/12/19

Micon Metcalfe, the Inspiration Trust’s Chief Operating Officer, has been interviewed by Schools Week about her childhood, career and why she’s so committed to education.

As a child, Micon started her school life at a state comprehensive in Southampton. After the death of her father, she moved to Somerset and studied for her O-levels. Micon received a few and enrolled at college – but it wasn’t smooth sailing. She said: “We were taught the wrong syllabus for one subject and got completely different questions in the exam! It’s unthinkable now, isn’t it? I guess that’s why I’m so committed to education . . . because I know some children got really raw deals.”

Aspiring to be a s­­chool secretary, Micon applied for jobs but was told “you’ve got no experience in schools”. Eventually she landed an admin role at a primary school in south London. This was the first step towards her career building a reputation as knowledgeable director of finance.

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